World of Introspect etc.

Medina-Jaye, 17, any pronouns idm, androgyne, Asperger's syndrome, Goth, New Romantic/Romo, animal lover.
Transformers (mostly G1, G2 & TFP),Hannibal, Superwholock, Hetalia, KnA, Kemeticism/Egyptian things, Japan (the band), goth bands, Duran Duran, Grimm, Venture Bros
anything pretty I see & take a fancy to.

I wore makeup when I was at school, and I wore makeup when glam started. I started wearing it again when punk started. I’ve always been drawn to wearing it. It’s partly ritualistic, partly theatrical and partly just because I think I look better with it on.

—Robert Smith (1959 -     )
Singer-Songwriter, The Cure (via rexstardust)

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